I thought I’d better post a quick update, lest anyone think I’ve vanished.

Some of you may have seen an earlier comment about my truly awful December, some of you may not have. The short version is my long-term boyfriend passed away very suddenly and unexpectedly, and I decided to do something I’d been thinking about for a long time, but never quite worked myself up to doing: moving back across the entire width of Canada.

I had moved to Nova Scotia in 2005 to go to art school, and ended up meeting someone and staying after I graduated, but I’m originally from British Columbia (though I’ve actually lived in a lot of different places around North America). My mom made room for me in her house on Vancouver Island, and I’m here now, putting my life back together and figuring out what next.

I hope to get Fey back on track, but I’ve used up most of my buffer pages, so things might continue to be a bit irregular, especially what with having to find a job and make a living and all that. 😀

Thanks hugely to those of you who’ve kept checking for updates over the last little while, and who’ve kept reading despite the not-always-closely-connected side stories. You guys make me want to get this story out in a more timely manner.

Anyway, I’m posting one more short over the next few weeks, and with luck, the main story will resume after that.