Yay! I’ll be taking Fey (and a few other things I’m working on) to the Dartmouth Comic Arts Festival in Dartmouth, NS (that’s across the harbour from Halifax for you non-Nova-Scotians).

It’s at the Alderney Landing ferry terminal, so it’s super easy to get to via public transit (ferry fare counts as bus fare, so you can use your bus pass or transfer if you’re coming from the Halifax side). It runsĀ from 11 am to 5 pm on August 17th (that’s a Sunday), and the best part is, it’s totally and completely free to get in.

At my table, you’ll find copies of Fey chapter one, and hopefully chapter two (maybe chapter three, but I’m not sure how likely that is). I’ll have a brand-new mini-comic (not related to Fey), plus a couple of older onesĀ that are Fey-related. I might have a few copies of my prose novels, depending on how ambitious and rich I am, and I’ll have stickers (fairies!), prints (Fey things, dragons, satyrs), 3D paper dragons and kits, and maybe a few other odds and ends).

Now I have to go spend the rest of the day scanning monster images and pages of Fey.

Fey T-shirt

Should I make a Fey T-shirt?