I started writing Fey approximately a million years ago (let’s just say the date started with “19”), and then re-drew a whole bunch of it about ten years ago, and somewhere along the line, I got off track or busy with art school, or something. And I stopped drawing Fey.

But I’ve always intended to finish the story. So here I am, re-launching from page one (no, I didn’t re-draw them again). My plan is to publish one page a week, so I have some hope of actually keeping up this time. In the unlikely event that Fey becomes super popular and makes me some income (I’ll have the usual T-shirts and print comics and who knows what else, eventually), I might even post more often. But for now, I’ll see if I can stick with once a week. Wednesdays, I think, since today is a Wednesday and this is my first post.

I’m still fumbling my way through setting up the theme and all, so expect some weirdness to begin with. And the first page will be up shortly. Like, today. Woo!